Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jet lag, the silent killer. (first world problems)

I have jet lag and it's caving my head in.

Maybe I should clarify that. I don't have jet lag, I just want to sleep during the day and stay awake all night. That can't be jet lag right? 

The guy who lives at my place and I got back from the most fabulous holiday in the UK on Thursday night and now it's Sunday night and my eyes and skin are burning like I did vodka shots for breakfast. In fact, maybe it's just a delayed hangover from the morning after the opening ceremony of the London Olympics where I actually did do that. I think. Or maybe it's just and insomnia/age thing. But not jet lag. Definitely.

I just checked out twitter and there are all these people bitching about being awake at 5:45am and suffering from #jetlag. 5:45am is a freakin sleep in people, not jet lag.

I mean it WAS a 26 hour flight home and we DID cross more time zones than most think is humanly possible but that couldn't be jet lag.

In fact it could be a reaction to having my in laws over today where my father in law, who happens to be from the UK but I'm 99% sure has never set foot in London, sat here with his iphone out googling shit, telling me or better yet, correcting me on what I'd seen and done. It could be that.

Or maybe it's sleep envy cos the guy who lives at my place fell asleep at 6.30pm and will most likely sleep through where as I will be lucky to get 3 hours. Which would be 1 more than last night. it could be that.

Or maybe it's cos I just read that Jennifer Hawkins is suffering from jet lag and is going for a 30 minute run to cure it. Even if I HAD jet lag, the only way I'd run for 30 minutes would be if someone was chasing me with a knife (wouldn't bother if they had a gun cos I'm never gonna outrun a bullet). And even then, said knife holder would clearly be rather unlucky to have not caught me in 30 minutes. 

Or maybe I have a virus that is making me want to stay awake at night and therefore sleep during the day.

Yeah that must be it.


The guy who lives at my place with me and probably the only ugly view from the London Eye.

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