Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.

I'm bored.

It's one of those very rare moments when all of my family are home and awake and I have a serious case of the CBF's. (for the uninitiated, that stands for can't be f.....! ) There are a gazillion things I could or should be doing but none of them seem even remotely interesting enough to inspire me. I'm finding myself sitting here refreshing my Facebook and Twitter pages, praying that someone, somewhere is doing something so I might be able to comment or at least covertly observe (AKA stalk) them doing it and live vicariously, just for a moment, through them. But as I look at the top of my screen, there are no magical little numbers on the tabs letting me know that the rest of the world is not as bored as I am. So it seems the rest of the world either IS as bored as I am or they are so busy doing something so exciting or interesting that they have *gasp* forgotten to tell me via social media. Heaven help me, I might even have to wait till the phone rings and speak to someone to see how they're going and what they're up to.

Or, I hate to even suggest it but I might have to make the effort see someone IN PERSON.

Though if I think about it, that's not likely to happen because I am that person that might always be at every party or social gathering but only because someone rang me and invited me, not because I rang them and said 'hey, been a while, lets blah blah blah'. The odd thing is that it's the first Saturday night in forever that we have had no plans and usually I would love the veg night after so many weeks in a row of going out but I think I have gotten used to my dance card being full.

OOH hang on, a number 2 in brackets just appeared on the Facebook tab, must go check, be right back....

(8 seconds later...)

Okay friends, I appreciate when you 'like' my fb updates but if you don't comment there is still nothing for me to do. *big sigh* Right, where was I? Oh....

So I have a few choices. The first being accept my boredom and learn to deal with it. The problem with this option is that I don't really like being bored. My second option is that I do something. Hmmm. What to do...what to do... The book I'm  reading at the moment is bordering on shite, I refuse to do housework when everyone else in the house is bludging, doing almost any form of exercise means going outside and it's bloody cold outside and I (super-soft-cock-who-lives-in-Melbourne) don't like the cold, my kids have their heads buried in their own things (ipads, laptops and 30 Peppa Pig episodes on Tivo) and the guy who lives at my place has some game of rugby on the telly which means all he hears when I speak is some strange form of annoying feminine white noise.

Or I could just get a drink and keep on typing...

What would you do?

Cheers bloggers!

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